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Caro Glaser

In her early twenties, Caro made her first experiences with Yoga.

She was a student of Art History in Munich and when practising Yoga she felt that things were just right - and that after these classes she realised that she was whistling on her way back home!
She gradually got hooked.

After her graduation (MA), she travelled to Cape Town, South Africa, where she discovered a small Yoga studio (back then It's Yoga Cape Town). She stepped in and there it was: Yoga, Rocket fun, lightness, laughter, challenges, depth, modifying, humour, nurturing lifestyle, health, inspiring people, connection, home.

So, after a while Caro took it on - she shifted her life around and made it work: she wanted to learn more about what there was...
She bought a ticket to San Francisco, US, and signed up for the It’s Yoga SF 200hr TT with Larry Schultz and Marie Russel (2009).

And that was the beginning: after her training, Caro first started to gain teaching experience in Germany before moving to South Africa where she regularly assisted and facilitated Yoga classes (and retreats) at It's Yoga Cape Town.

A couple of years later, when Caro was living in Brighton, UK, she jumped for joy when discovering that there were plans for an It’s Yoga Brighton studio. She completed the 302 Rocket-take off training at It’s Yoga Brighton (as an addition to a Rocket Immersion, Brussels, 2009) and has been facilitating here ever since.

Caro's approach for her yoga sessions is to share her passion on a deep physical, psychological and spiritual level in a modern wold context. Liberation of the mind is the matter closest to her heart and she feels inspired by each person who is keen to start their own journey.

She feels a deep sense of appreciation for her teachers and is grateful to be surrounded by an amazing inspiring and dedicated team.

"My purpose of being a facilitator and teacher training assistant at It's Yoga Brighton is to be in the moment, connected and patient to continue learning about the powerful and magical tools of Yoga and to pass these on in order to have a flourishing, peaceful, joyful and loving community on and off the mat."