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Terms & Conditions
Class Passes & Memberships

Class Passes:Drop-ins purchased through our booking system can be used within 14 days of purchase. 5 class passes are valid for 6 weeks and 10 class passes for 12 weeks from the date of your first visit. These may be extended under circumstances such as illness given than we hear from you while your pass is still active.

Memberships: All memberships are non-refundable but can be paused for up to 4 weeks per year. 3 month contracts renew automatically unless we receive written notice from you cancelling your subscription 14 days prior to your renewal date. You will receive an email from our booking system reminding you of this date unless you did not provide an email address or opted out of notifications when you created your account.

Teacher Trainings

Deposit: All our trainings require a deposit to secure your space for the training dates of your choice. The deposit is non-refundable but may be transfered to a different date - based on availability. This deposit will always be available to you toward future trainings or memberships should you decide you can no longer attend. Once the training begins, no refunds, for any reason, are granted.

Full Tuition: After your initial deposit is made, the remaining balance is due on the first day of training, unless you have a payment plan established, and is required before participation.

Materials: The tuition for the 200 Hr Training includes the It’s Yoga Ashtanga Vinyasa Manual, the supplementary workbook, a chant booklet and access to a video stream of the Primary Series taught by Larry Schultz. A binder will also be provided with all teacher training handouts. The only materials that you will want to purchase yourself are a personal journal and The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, with commentary by Sri Swami Satchidananda. Unlimited group classes during the training are included. Tuition for the 300 Hr. Program includes manual(s), binders and workbooks and digital versions of Rocket videos.

Payment Plans: We will work with you on a plan that meets your needs. Payment plans will be set up as a standing order by yourself to It's Yoga Brighton's bank account. They can also be auto-debited from your debit or credit card with a 5% increase in order to absorb card processing fees. Certificates will not be issued until payment plans have been completed, and a plan is required to be agreed on and signed prior to participation in the first day of any It’s Yoga Training.

Early Bird: All discounts require full payment up front. To receive the training at this rate, full payment must be made 8 weeks prior to the first day of training, unless specified otherwise on the event page or a promotional email. Should you purchase the early bird rate through our website later than the 8 week cut-off date, the full balance is due before your certificate can be issued.

Refunds & Cancellations: Except for the deposit, tuition can be refunded according to the following schedule: 100% if cancelled 6 months or more before the start date | 75% if cancelled within 6 months of the start date | 50% if cancelled within 3 months of the course | 25% if cancelled within 2 months of the course | 0% if cancelled within a month of the course start date. Once the training begins, refunds can not be processed under any circumstances. For the 200 Hr Training, should you find that you cannot complete a training within 14 days of starting, you will be able to join the next training at no cost. If you take more than 14 days of the training and need to return at another time to complete, you will be charged half tuition.

Attendance and missed days: The entirety of the training must be attended in order to qualify for certification. When a day is missed, it is your responsibility to catch up through one to one tuition - this will incur an additional cost for the trainer's time. We will endeavour to keep this to a minimum by letting you catch up on philosophy components through self-study.

All events have a minimum student number for them to take place. While this is rare, students will be notified of any changes up to 4 weeks before their start date and offered a refund or transfer to a different date if It's Yoga Brighton has to cancel a training. As such, we recommend travel insurance for accommodation and transport if you're traveling for your training.