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I became a member a year ago and it was one of the best decisions of my life. It’s Yoga has taken me on a magical trip of self discovery and wonder through the amazing world of yoga and essential oils, facilitated by the splendid teachings of Lena and her thoroughly committed wonderful team. Thank you all for enhancing my life at a particularly difficult time and helping me see the light.
I first tried Inbodhi Yoga Brighton classes on an open day, being prudent as it did not look like my kind of practice. Gave it a go and felt amazing (light, open, loving and peaceful) just after one Rocket session. I went for a real test of regular practice and it all confirmed the feelings from the first practice, with a deeper and wider opening through each practice. The location is simply beautiful, get out of the wild town for a view on the fields and two minutes away from a view on the ocean.
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