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I first tried Inbodhi Yoga Brighton classes on an open day, being prudent as it did not look like my kind of practice. Gave it a go and felt amazing (light, open, loving and peaceful) just after one Rocket session. I went for a real test of regular practice and it all confirmed the feelings from the first practice, with a deeper and wider opening through each practice. The location is simply beautiful, get out of the wild town for a view on the fields and two minutes away from a view on the ocean.
The place is both peaceful and keeping Yoga as Yoga, Practice as Practice. When I get in I feel home and yet I know I come here to asana-do/asana-be. Very satisfied and recommended it to all for a real Yoga Experience.

MPS and Rocket brought me understanding of the nature of yoga. I attended the immersion that gave me tools to deepen my daily practice. The community environment is invaluable for a true yoga experience, it is found here. Extra-tip: Do a Yin and Rocket in a row, it's deep work!