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The Silent Revolution
by Lena Younes

Have you ever wondered what this yoga thing is really about? Sure, we know we're bringing our bodies into strange shapes, breathing a whole lot and many of us like going upside down. We also know that the yoga we practice orinated in India, is rooted in the Vedic philosophical system, and stimulates both our energetic and nervous system. But why are we so drawn to it?

The Magic of It's Yoga Trainings
by Lena Younes

I am currently in training in Oaxaca, Mexico, with Marie - who was Larry's wife - and other members of the It's Yoga community, and am feeling so much love and gratitude for this system and the people who are keeping it alive. I want to communicate that love to you, because it is something that is so needed and so worth sharing in this modern - often crazy - world.