Ashtanga Vinyasa & Rocket® Teacher Trainings



£39 for 30 Days or £99 for 2 Months


The It's Yoga System

The Rocket® Routines consist of a series of yoga postures based on a modification of the traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga primary and intermediate series. They present the perfect marriage of tempo and sequence. Appropriate for all levels of students, they provide plenty of ways to modify the classical poses, placing function over form.

At It’s Yoga®, we dissolve the hierarchy of postures and invite beginners and advanced practitioners to practice in the same room - heightening energy and inspiration in the class.  The same student may be advanced in one posture, and a beginner in the next pose. When the breath opens up the practice, the forms and levels of the poses shift and we all - the poses and the practitioners - become equal.

Honouring every student’s potential is an essential part of what we do. We trust that the practice will support each individual in growing at the pace that best serves them as The Rocket gets you there faster.

What follows is a description of each class type offered at It's Yoga Brighton, U.K. For a complete experience, we encourage you to practice the whole Rocket system over a period of three months - you will see many radical shifts and changes in your health, well-being and peace of mind in this time!

I asked Bob Weir, I said, 'Bob, what are we gonna call this routine?' ... He said, within two breaths, 'We're gonna call it The Rocket.' I went, 'The Rocket? Why are we gonna call it The Rocket?' He said, 'Because it gets you there faster!' I went, 'Good. That's all I needed to know!'

Watch things appear and disappear.

Yin Yoga - "Awaken the Deep Power" [60-90mins]

A Yin Yoga practice consists of deep, searching and opening sequences of asanas or postures, held on the floor for anything from 3-5 minutes. We reconnect with the deeper areas of our bodies, predominately the connective tissues that wrap around and hold our joints together. Through exercising these 'yin' tissues we will stimulate the energetic Meridian system of the body and begin to explore & release physical, mental and emotional tension. Yin yoga is a very effecive way to increase flexibility. Everyone's body is different, and so, throughout the practice, we encourage you to listen to your bodies and to find your own unique variation/modification at any given moment, day, week or month. Infusing the practice with an intention of self-acceptance, kindness and creativity, the result is deep regeneration that literally reempowering us and sets us up for a life and whatever we choose to do and accept.

Suitable for all.


Kids & Community Yoga - "Waking up the Inner-Child" [30-90mins]

Yoga is an ancient practice which helps to create harmony in our bodies, our minds and our lives. It improves health and well-being, encourages strength and flexibility as well as self-acceptance and confidence. This is even more true for children - and we believe that yoga is for everyone! You are never too young or too old to embark on this magical journey. In our fast-paced modern lifestyle, even children will experience stress, competition and social and academic pressure. Through yoga, they can learn how to return to their bodies and interact with each other and their environment in a safe, supportive, non-competitive way.

Yoga is a fun, great way for kids to be active and creative while learning and developing essential physical, emotional, cognitive and social skills, such as body and sensory awareness, concentration, self-acceptance and expression, and compassion, teamwork and respect.

We also offer Family Yoga, which is a great way to bring your family closer together, whether it is just your family in a private class or a group of families coming together - we can make it work! Family Yoga is a wonderful way to strengthen the bonds between everyone, no matter how young or old. It is much like a Kids Yoga class, but the parents, grandparents and older siblings get to join in too and let their inner children play!

Suitable for all.