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After the festivities of Christmas and the New Year, it’s time to work out and get in touch with where we want to be going and what we want to be doing for 2018. A plan of action or a set of intentions that will support and guide us, our family and our communities to a healthy and fulfilling New Year. 

Here are a six reasons why a yoga practice is going to support you in making those changes possible - ensuring that 2018 is the holistic and fulfilling year that you desire. After all, yoga has been supporting New Year’s resolutions for at least the last 5,000 years!

  1. A healthier body: ‘Run more’, ‘ go to that zumba class’ or simply ‘go to the gym’ can be found on countless New Year’s resolution lists. For thousands of years, Yoga has proven to be a highly effective method for getting your body in the shape that is perfect for you! The classic Sun Salutations as well as the various It’s Yoga sequences work on the different core muscle groups of the body and are complete body workouts in themselves. These will leave you feeling lighter, slimmer and more toned - and smiling!
  2. Clear mind, clear decisions: When we have a clear mind, we make clear decisions - makes sense, right? Yoga not only gets you fitter, it also calms your mind and increases your ability to make the decision in a given situation that will bring you the desired outcome. A lot of the time we need to take a breath, calm our minds and take one step at a time. These qualities of calmness, wisdom and insight come flowing to you with a yoga practice, where yoga develops both the qualities of critical discernment and somatic intuition that will save you time in both short and long term decision making processes at home and at work.
  3. Improved flexibility: Need a massage after over-reaching for that book on the top shelf or the toy that’s fallen behind the sofa? The pressures we put on our body just from day to day living get recorded and imprinted onto our fascia and muscles over time. This is why we are very flexible when young and become ‘tighter’ as we age. Despite living in a fast paced world, there really are no quick fixes for this one - flexibility takes time. A yoga practice will give you and your body the space to open up and get back that flexibility in your body and your life. Whether it’s the deep stretching classes of Yin Yoga or the more dynamic sequences of Ashtanga Vinyasa and The Rocket®, your body will thank you every time for the energy levels and focus that come from your new found flexibility - bringing a smile to your face, your friends and family!
  4. Time with loved ones and community: Social media, video games and the whole array of 21st century life certainly keeps us occupied and busy, but how connected does it keep us to our loved ones? Coming together through yoga provides that opportunity to reconnect in a fun and meaningful way that will leave you all sleeping better and smiling more around the house and at work! Moreover, yoga with your kids encourages non-competitiveness and calmness as well as deepening creativity and social skills, and will provide your children with memories that will stick for a long time... Along the lines of “I remember when I was younger and my mum and dad became giraffes and I was a monkey hanging from them”! This kind of connection can provide them with a solid foundation for long lasting and healthy attitudes that will one day become the foundation for their own families, friendships and work places.
  5. Detoxification: The benefits of yoga come with consistency and persistency; that is over a period of time. This process of detoxification is one major benefit of practicing yoga at ‘It’s Yoga’, where we will go deep into the tissues where those troublesome toxins are held. You will begin to significantly reduce the level of toxins in your body; including cortisol, which comes from stress, and increase the ‘feel-good’ chemicals such as oxytocin. You will then see a real increase in skin quality and so much more - maybe take pictures and record the effect! Ultimately you may drop a few or more years off your body, looking younger, feeling younger and of course part and parcel of that is a peaceful mind and being in touch with your full radiance of character.
  6. Overall Health: Yoga improves stress management, sleep patterns, self-acceptance and love, blood pressure, builds inner strength, social confidence and so much more, without being a substitute for medicine.

For more information on starting your yoga practice at It’s Yoga in 2018, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or have a browse through our website :) .

Written by Richy Batten


Monday, 27 November 2017 20:39

Is this the time to begin a yoga practice?

Nearing December, we are beginning to feel the impending reality of the winter. Those shorter and darker days that draw us into ourselves and the retreat of the Sun in the Sky.

You might think it’s a terrible idea to begin practicing yoga at this time of year - that you want to stay in your home, wrap up warm with your loved ones, human or animal. 

Or maybe it’s the perfect time? Each Sun salutation calls back and relights the Sun at this time of year. The Ujjayi pranayama reminds you that you can heat yourself from within as you move through the asanas.


Illness and Stress

Unfortunately, many of us may fall ill at this time of year, as cold and flu viruses make the rounds and we get used to the lower temperatures. A yoga practice is a great way to prepare for the harsher points of winter. You’re giving your immune system a boost, improving your circulation and generally giving your body the love and attention it needs. 

Your yoga practice is unique to you and will help with the more testing times of the winter. We all know that the winter can be a time of increased stress and fatigue, even if you don’t happen to catch a cold. The pressures of the Christmas period can be well balanced through a yoga practice which reconnects you to yourself despite any craziness around you. 

You are planning ahead, preparing/cultivating yourself for the springtime and the summer - where you will enjoy the fruits of a practice that you have started now, way back in November and December. 


Mythologically calling the Sun back from the Underworld has always been part of life - it is no different with yoga in 2017. The Ancient Egyptians, the Mayans and the Celts all invested time and energy into some practice which connects them to the journey - departure and return - of the Sun. 

With this practice, we set our feet on the mat and we learn about the journey of the Sun of our Soul. The breath, bandhas (energy locks), the asanas (postures) and the whole system of Ashtanga Vinyasa are luminaries guiding us to our Sun that never fades, our Sun Soul. 


Practicing Yoga Together  

Transformation of the Sun inside our Soul is what can make the difference between a winter that we stumble out of maybe a little older or a winter where we stoke the inner fire and go into the new year with a clear intention that 2018 is the year!

And we get to do this as a community, coming together, breathing and transforming as one.

Written by Richy Batten. Edited by Lena Younes.