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Become a Rocket® Instructor - Ready to Fly?

The purpose of the It's Yoga 300hr programme is to be open to yoga instructors from other 200hr programmes, as well as It's Yoga 200hr graduates, so that we can offer a solid framework of education in the It’s Yoga Rocket System. Thus, participants are invited to experience the tools and techniques of The Rocket®, as developed by creator Larry Schultz, in order to practice and lead classes rooted in authenticity.

The 301 module is designed specifically as a 'bridge' training for those coming from non-It's Yoga 200hr programmes. This 10 day experience gives you all the tools and foundations to practice and share The Rocket® 1 as well as the Modified and Full Primary Series with love and authenticity. We trust that you've already covered the majority of yoga philosophy, history and anatomy and as such can focus on the sequences and poses as well as the aspects that make It's Yoga's approach to Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga unique.

The 302 module is where It's Yoga's 200hr and 301 graduates come together to dive deeper into the mechanics of flight, advanced on and off the mat training and the remaining sequences and styles of the It's Yoga system - after reviewing Rocket 1, we delve into Rocket 2, Rocket 3 and Yin and Restorative Yoga.

Ready to jump in? Here are our upcoming training dates!

301: Rocket Foundations

  • 23 September - 2 October 2020

302: Rocket Take-Off

  • 23-25 October | 13-15 November | 4-6 December 2020
  • 31 March - 9 April 2021
All you need to do to register is to complete a registration form and forward either the deposit or early bird tuition fee to us - we prefer BACS; details upon contact or registration.

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To secure your place on either the 301 or 302, you'll need to send us a registration form and your deposit by bank transfer.

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Register and send us the full early bird amount by bank transfer 8 weeks before your training to get this price.

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Why Train with It's Yoga?

  • An established school facilitating classes and trainings for 30 years internationally
  • Over 8000 graduates worldwide
  • A practical training rooted in tradition
  • Intimate groups - 2 to 10 students per training
  • Worldwide community and locations
  • Authenticity - all our trainers and facilitators practice what they teach and teach what they practice
  • We are a working studio - you will practice with the local community and observe and assist all levels
  • Internship and cover opportunities in Brighton and internationally
  • The home of The Rocket® - these fun and effective routines were developed by the founder of It’s Yoga!



  • The lineage of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga: Krishnamacharya & Pattabhi Jois
  • Review Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras & the eight limbed path
  • Larry Schultz & the It's Yoga Philosophy
  • Developing a personal teaching philosophy
  • 8 Keys to Clarity

the it's yoga system

  • Learn the Modified & Full Primary Series
  • Learn the Full & Modified Rocket 1
  • 302: Learn the Rocket 2 & 3
  • 302: Yin and Restorative Yoga
  • Experience the full It’s Yoga System
  • Minimum daily requirements
  • Yoga off the mat coaching

Sun Salutations

  • Hands & feet placement: safe and effective alignment for all
  • Suryanamaskara A & B – theory, practice & facilitating
  • Jumping & Floating in Sun Salutes
  • How hand placement influences inversions

rocket asanas

  • 301: The standing, seated and finishing poses of the Primary Series & The Rocket 1
  • 302: The seated poses of The Rocket 2
  • Practice, benefits and modifications for all
  • Daffodils and transitions in The Rocket
  • Inversions & arm balancing
  • Guiding & adjusting others


  • Reviewing prana as the breath & life-force
  • Pranayama exercises, functions and benefits
  • The theory, function, technique and application of Ujjayi Breath

Mechanics of Flight

  • Yoga as an energetic system
  • Names, function, location, importance and exercises for the bandhas
  • Application of the bandhas to asana practice and sequencing in The Rocket
  • 302: Weight transfer into the hands & floating with control
  • 302: Creating fluid movement throughout your practice

Yin & Restorative

  • Experience Yin & Restorative Classes
  • 302: Yin and restorative as a complement to Ashtanga Vinyasa & The Rocket
  • 302: Philosophy and effects of Yin and Restorative
  • 302: Asanas and modifications of Yin and Restorative practices

Rocket Facilitating

  • The importance of scripting
  • Instructing the students in front of you
  • Finding your voice as a teacher
  • The principles of facilitating a Rocket class
  • The importance of tempo in The Rocket
  • Marketing yourself as a facilitator
  • One to one & group classes

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