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Immerse Yourself - Ready to Fly?

We created this event to invite past, present and future practitioners of The It’s Yoga® System and The Rocket® Routines into the circle to experience the BLISS of being surrounded, supported, and inspired as we break down the routines, tools, and techniques that will be transformational, on, and off the mat! OPEN TO EVERONE!

Get to Know the It's Yoga System: It’s Yoga has an amazing history and an even more amazing evolution. This will be an opportunity to dive deeper into the routines, tools, and techniques that It’s Yoga® offers.

One of a Kind Experience All IY Immersion events are designed to be unique depending on our participants. We give you an insight into the training circle without the facilitating aspect - these three days are all about YOU and your practice! As you will be joining the first three days of a Rocket training, you will also get the unique benefit of receiving input from our trainees, most of whom are experienced yoga facilitators.

Please note that this is not a teacher training - in order to become certified to facilitate the It's Yoga system we ask that you complete either a 200hr or 100hr training with It's Yoga.

Ready to jump in? Here are our upcoming immersion dates!

30hr Rocket Immersion

  • 9 - 11 June 2021
All you need to do to register is to complete a registration form and forward either the tuition fee to us - we prefer BACS; details upon contact or registration.

You can find our terms & conditions here

members tuition


Exclusice price for those on an unlimited membership with It's Yoga Brighton - immerse yourself in your practice!

full tuition


Three days of classes and practicum sessions immersing yourself in the It's Yoga System!

Sun Salutations

  • Hands & feet placement: safe and effective alignment
  • Suryanamaskara A & B – theory & practice
  • Jumping & Floating in Sun Salutes
  • How hand placement influences inversions

the it's yoga system

  • Experience the full It’s Yoga System
  • Minimum daily requirements
  • Yoga off the mat coaching

Mechanics of Flight

  • Yoga as an energetic system
  • Names, function, location, importance and exercises for the bandhas
  • Application of the bandhas to asana practice in The Rocket

rocket asanas

  • Practice, benefits and modifications of Primary and Rocket 1 asanas
  • Transitions in The Rocket
  • Inversions & arm balancing


  • The lineage of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga: Krishnamacharya & Pattabhi Jois
  • Larry Schultz & the It's Yoga Philosophy
  • Develop an Empowered Purpose Statement


  • Prana as the breath & life-force
  • Pranayama exercises, functions and benefits
  • The theory, function, technique and application of Ujjayi Breath

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All our immersions and trainings are carried out by Inbodhi Trainings Ltd. (UK)