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Am I ready to begin or continue my teacher training journey?

DSC 1415If you're reading this, chances are that you're considering taking a 200hr Teacher Training or continuing your training process with either the 301 or 302 intensive. You may have been practicing for years or only just begun a regular practice, but something in you wants to share the love.

At the end of the day, only you and your inner teacher know whether you're ready for the next step. We often receive emails asking us whether it's ok not to be able to do a headstand, not to be that flexible or strong or to have fears about speaking in public. The simple answer to all of these questions is yes, that's fine! While some schools will require you to have achieved certain poses or to have practised for a certain amount of time, It's Yoga is more interested in your enthusiasm, passion and commitment

Sometimes the most grounded and authentic instructors are those who take their teacher training at the beginning of their yoga journey, thus building strong foundations from the outset. Sometimes they have years of self-practice behind them and bring this knowledge to their students - a big part of the way we see yoga is trusting in our process and that the training programme will take us to where we need to be.

...and if you're still asking yourself that question, here is a Larry story we like to tell:

Larry studied under Pattabhi Jois for seven years, becoming an integral part of the growing Ashtanga Vinyasa family in the West. During this time, Pattabhi Jois would travel back and forth from Mysore to the US to share his knowledge. As time went by, he invited students to come to him more and more, and the community began to want to know who would teach in his absence. 

In one such discussion, Larry raised his hand and said, "I'll teach!". Others were quick to reply, "No, you can't teach! You can't do everything perfectly!" To which Larry realised what was to become the basis of his teaching - "that's not what I heard him say. I heard him say: who wants to share what they love?"

Larry also used to say that it would take one million yoga teachers to change the world - joining the "silent revolution: those who are turning away from what doesn't work, to what does."

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